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Extend The Scope Of Your Work: Finished Basements

Extend The Scope Of Your Work: Finished Basements

Posted on: Oct 20, 2015

A Perfect Way to Extend the Scope of Residential Jobs: Finish the Basement Ceiling with ZipUP Ceiling® 

A finished basement ceiling looks great. Closing an open ceiling hides the joists, plumbing and wiring, and makes the entire space brighter and friendlier, even when the walls remain unfinished.

ZipUP Ceiling® is an attractive lightweight PVC paneling system for finishing an open ceiling in a basement as well as for replacing a damaged ceiling in a bathroom, laundry area, exercise room, other area with high humidity.

A waterproof and mold resistant low maintenance alternative to drywall or acoustic ceilings, ZipUP Ceiling® carries a Class A fire rating. Because it utilizes only 2" of headroom (compared to as much as 6” for a conventional drop ceiling), itcan be installed against an existing ceiling without the time and hassle required to remove an unsightly or damaged ceiling.

ZipUP Ceiling® features just three primary components engineered to fit together with just a few tools: wall trim, main rail, and panels. The main rails and panels are available in white and beige in smooth and serrated finishes. The finished ceiling is paintable with latex paint. The panels won't kink like aluminum might during installation and “unzip” from the rails for cleaning or access to wires and pipes overhead. The one-foot wide panels are available in 12 and 16 foot lengths. 

The system reduces installation and life cycle costs when compared to drywall, acoustic tile, and other comparable installations. Contractors and homeowners alike appreciate its many excellent qualities:

  • Mold- and mildew-resistant, unlike drywall and acoustic tile 
  • High reflectivity, making the most of basement lighting
  • Panels are easy to cut to fit room layout and no taping and spackling
  • Does not absorb moisture often found in basements that can affect fiberglass ceiling tiles and drywall
  • Easy to remove for access overhead
  • Does not need painting that drywall does
  • Panels can be wiped in place or removed for washing, which cannot be done with drywall and most acoustic tile
  • Panels are paintable
  • Takes up only 2” of headroom, which is a nice perk in low-ceiling basements
  • Long life cycle

The manufacturer warrants that the system is free from defects, materials and workmanship for lifetime from the date of purchase and the components will continue to zip together for that time.

ZipUP Ceiling® is a division of MP Global Products, Norfolk, NE, a manufacturer of building products for the flooring and construction industry. For more information visit www.zipupceilings.com or call 888-449-4787.

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