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Zip Up Calculator

    Calculator adds one extra of each product to account for cutting errors. Calculator figures to minimize scrap, not symmetry.

Calculator does not account for decks with header beams or other structural elements. Please call (888) 449-4787 for design assistance.

Important: Calculator does not figure the amount of pitch rails needed. Please follow our instruction guide.

Calculator does not figure lengths or widths greater than 60 ft. Please email info@zipupceilings.com for assistance.

Calculator help guide
Enter length and width, then click 'Calculate'.
Length: ft
Width: ft
Part Name Length Quantity
Panel 12 ft. 0
Panel 16 ft. 0
1/2" Pitch Rail 12 ft. 0
1" Pitch Rail 12 ft. 0
Main Rail 12 ft. 0
Main Rail 16 ft. 0
Seam Rail 12 ft. 0
Wall Trim 12 ft. 0
#WT Perimeter Area
---- 0 0