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BIM Library

Download BIM content for Zip-Up Ceiling and Zip-Up UnderDeck with the Zip-Up BIM Library. We’ve integrated with BIMsmith so that you can download our ceiling and underdecking Revit materials directly or customize a complete ceiling assembly using BIMsmith Forge®.

As the first ceiling product of its kind, Zip-Up Ceilings offers both aesthetics and functionality. Zip-Up is a grid-free ceiling made from rigid PVC that saves headroom, has unprecedented access to plumbing and wiring, and is impervious to water and moisture warranty. Additionally, Zip-Up Ceiling will not mold or mildew. Likewise, Zip-Up Underdeck finishes the underside of your deck by providing dry, useable outdoor living space without sacrificing headroom. The Zip-Up Underdeck System provides ease of installation and a washable mold resistant surface, while channeling any water from above to your gutter system. Get started with Zip-Up Revit content in your BIM projects today.

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