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Tackle Fall Deck Season with Zip-UP®

Tackle Fall Deck Season with Zip-UP®

Posted on: Sep 04, 2020

Labor-day weekend is here, which always seems like the last weekend of summer activities- the last hurrah before fall officially arrives. Although the weather is starting to cool down and the leaves are changing colors, it doesn’t mean we have to resort to the indoors.

It’s been said that fall is the best time of the year for deck projects due to the availability of building materials and the predictable, cooler weather. It just so happens that fall is also the perfect time to transform your under deck into an outdoor living space. While you may already have a suitable entertainment space below your two-story deck, I’m sure you’ve realized it’s a little difficult to keep clean and dry. Adding an under deck drainage system helps alleviate this problem as it is designed to drain water away from your deck and catch any debris like leaves and twigs. The ZipUP UnderDeck® system is installed at a slight slope so that water can channel through to your gutter system, keeping it off your patio.

         (Notice the slight slope of the under deck drainage system).

Once the system is installed, you can add utilities for lighting, ceiling fans, and entertainment systems with unlimited access to your wires, as ZipUP panels can easily be removed and replaced within minutes. Sounds like your football watch parties just got better.

Your under deck space should be an extension of your home, something you can enjoy for much longer than just the summer months. If you love the outdoors like me, you understand the importance of having an outdoor space to relax or entertain in. Whether you’re building a new deck, currently have an issue with moisture and debris on your under deck space, or you’re just tired of looking at the overhead joists, investing in an under deck drainage system is worth it for its functionality and aesthetics.

So, before you take off those couch cushions and stuff your patio furniture away in storage, think about transforming your under deck space into a year-long enjoyable space with ZipUP UnderDeck®.

Learn more in our underdeck tab.


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